Yoga summer holiday in beautiful venue in the heart of Italy, Pool and restaurant with excellent kitchen. Yoga summer holiday in beautiful venue in the heart of Italy

Special italian food for a great holiday

We believe that good food is part of a great holiday experience. This is why you will be able to enjoy healthy and delicious meals made from home-grown and local seasonal produce.

Yoga Seminars and Tango workshops in Italy
Yoga holidays at Caravanserraglio

In the restaurant we serve breakfasts and vegetarian or non-vegetarian lunches and dinners, prepared with delicious fresh Italian local ingredients by our Italian chef. The rustic atmosphere of the restaurant forms the backdrop for the food that is well taken care of.

Italy Marche Retreat with pool, Marche

We offer holiday courses with full board, all comforts, full-time entertainment and leisure time as one likes. We use products that come from organic farms and all the products are chosen with the greatest care. The meat-products are carefully selected and come from the local area. Also the different kinds of cheeses, vegetables and the home-made pasta's are of the highest quality, with a view to a well balanced diet. We also cater for vegetarians.

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Yoga Reatreat Italy

Experience the best of Italy, the best of Yoga, the best of Tango, abundant Nature, inspiring surroundings and more...

Yoga and Tango workshops in Italy
Italian restaurant for guests

This is the link to the website dedicated exclusively to the Caravanserraglio agriturismo. We have been guesting people and organizing Cooking and Art Holiday Courses for the last 20 years, this is the link to the website dedicated to the Italy Art Tours and Cooking Holiday Courses. For a selection of Holiday Villas and Apartments with pool in Marche Italy visit our website Le Marche Holiday.

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Dinner Partiies

If you and your friends are more than twenty we can organise private dinner parties with a live cooking show and your choice of music. In case of more than 35 participants, dinner will be standing only.

traditional picnic tango course

Tango kitchen supper club

We´re proud to invite you to taste real homemade food in our paradise in the heart of Italy. Try out this new way to go out, take a break and live a unique social experience in our place. So come and make our living room even more lively.

Cooking classes in Marche Italy

Cooking Classes

You don't need to be a Masterchef to join the class. During the evening a professional chef will show you how to cook the programmed meal. You can participate by helping the chef, cooking under his guidance, or choose just to watch and take notes. It's up to you. Once everything is ready you'll sit at the table to taste all the dishes together with the chef.

Cooking classes in Marche Italy